Printing In a Room of One's Own

If you have ever googled "Creative Block" or "I'm not making art after art school" or "PAPA CAN YOU HEEEEAR ME?" you have probably read something that has left you feeling a little less alone when it comes to feeling trapped between production and paralysis. I did A LOT of reading on creative block coming out of art school; I am talking two years of block here- I was unmotivated, jaded (still trying to shake this one), and completely afraid of where to take my work and how it was going to be perceived. 

So, I began to print. I printed quietly in the comfort of my apartment. I printed alone. I hand pressed my work. It began to feel intimate again; it began to feel like it was my own practice again. I hadn't fully produced work in privacy for many years; in art school I never consciously registered the pressure it was to be around my peers during the inception, production and completion of my work. Its unnerving now when I think about it. In art school the relationship you have to your work completely changes- I began to pander to my teachers and colleagues for the grade, the validation and the respect.

Returning to print in a trusted space with no deadlines, no expectations was crucial to my reawakening. And so my work, as I began making small prints, became quiet with me- little meditative pieces; primitive shapes like Marquez' prehistoric eggs*  yet contained with a static energy as I began to let go of the tense grip the block had on me. These prints became the series The First Time I Saw Ice stay tuned for new works to come within this series.

*Prehistoric eggs references the stones described in the beginning pages of 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez